• La Quête: The Need for Easy VPN

    Not being a very computer savvy type of person, certain technical aspects of life become very challenging. I have gained confidence in several languages, but confidence with technology is something I am never satisfied with. They say that depending on the generation, there are certain obstacles that are almost impossible to overcome. But despite being on the "looser" side, I never give up. Many in my position give up very easily, which is of course a pity. My latest "La Quêt" or in English "The Quest" has been to become a joyful and secure VPN user. Something that you hear a lot being talked about (at least in France) in todays world of internet privacy importance.

    But where does one start, is something that I take the approach as with most things in life. The easy way of course! Which doesn't mean that you should somehow settle for less. Instead you need to find a starting place that you are comfortable with, kind of like my trusty Macintosh computer which has served a beautiful life ever since I dropped the bad Windows habit. Looking around and searching on the internet for a while, using the keyword: "easy" has been rather useful. So I decided to go through all the results from page one two page two, then simply settle for the article that I felt comfortable enough to approach this VPN issue once and for all!

    To my surprise there were not that my options laying around and I only found one result that I could be satisfied with. Those interested in taking the question, see this nice article about easy VPN services which just could not be more simple. In fact, just about anywhere it's rare to see such beautifully and well done guides that take you straight to the point without horrifying the newbie reader in any way at all. With as few as four steps, I have VPN up and running and now my connection is secured. All the time, every time I am using the internet. It gives me anonymity, and plus I can watch British TV by jumping the content restrictions with this wonderful technology.

    Life can really become easier and more secure in such a short instance. That's why I recommend checking out the wonderful guide to everyone from moms to troubled teenagers. Only kidding!

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    Je suis fan de Kung Fu China!

    Dear readers, it's your friend from France, Alice. It's time again to let you know what I have been doing and thinking about in life. My latest discovery of the Panda Show in China has made me a real fan of the martial arts. While I am not the fit type who would actually start practising kung fu itself, there are many ways to enjoy it. And one of the best ways, especially when back in home in France, is to watch movies of course! Recently I found a great list of the best old Chinese Kung Fu movies and now I have been going through them, and go them one by one. Everytime I see a wonderful film, it makes me want to go back to China. It is the only drawback of watching these old and magical movies.


    Turn's out that there are a lot more fantastic flicks than those acted by Bruce Lee. But basically if you want to see some really really old and sweet kung fu action, the only production names you need are: Shaw Brothers Studio & Golden Harvest. The two best production companies that have provided entertainment for the Chinese since the beginning of film itself. Now, it's my time to explore those very roots with the help of English subtitles. Luckily enough, there are enough martial arts maniacs, even here in France that we can have French subtitles. Or if not, it's always a good time to brush up my English. If I will ever learn Chinese or not is yet to be seen thought! =)

    Now I am watchin "One-Armed Swordsman" from 1967. One of my favorites that I could watch over and over, again! See you friends.


    Alice Bolduc




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  • Panda Love <3

    This cute little thing is a Chinese panda, something that I have learned to love over the years. And not just because they are cute, but because they are brilliant beings. In the Beijing Zoo you can check out these animals live, but there are much better places in China to do that. Probably the best and most "natural" environment to get up and close with the Giant Panda is the Bifengxia Giant Panda Base which is located in the province of Sichuan. Established in 2003, the Bifengxia is the biggest park to host pandas in the whole wide world. In fact, if you compared the Beijing Zoo with over there, it looks pretty sad to me in fact and I would definitely skip it. So if you really love Pandas and you are in Beijing, I would suggest to go to Sichuan.. but it's really far from anything in the middle of the forest of course, that is where animals live! Therefore if you cannot afford to go so far and you are in Beijing the second best bet is the amazing panda show whicih is hosted at the Shichahai Theatre which is much better than any "zoo" can be!

    I first went to see the panda show in Beijing last Summer in 2014. I was amazed and it's not just some cute cuddly fun fair. They are in fact, skillful acrobatics and martial artists who are just dressed inside a panda suite. Basically this is the only place where you can see such a thing, that is interesting entertainment not just for kids but for adults as well. I would really recommend going to see it but unfortunately they don't have shows at this time of the year, but if it's Summer you will be in luck. Also you can enjoy the wonderful environment nearby the theatre, with a big lake, old futongs and streets that just smell of old Chinese culture. The place to go to is "57 Dianmen West Street, Xicheng District, Beijing", look for the huge "Shichahai Theatre" sign in front of the theatre building. It can be a little old, but it's understandable and important in bringing out the spirit of Chinese variety arts, operating since 2010!

    À bientôt!! <3

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  • Paris est une ville magnifique. Cette photo est la preuve.

    Si belle

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  • Bonjour les amis. Regardez!

    Monde acrobatique

    I have to say, that my English is better than ever. Traveling really is one of the best "learning tools". Staying in France, I wouldn't have learned anything ever, most probably that is:)

    Check out this beautiful picture I took from the Chaoyang Theatre Acrobatic show in Beijing. I didn't know I was a good photographer until I took this picture. But it's not all thanks to me, it's largely because of the skilful acrobats that put up such an amazing show. But of course to enjoy something like that, you need to put the camera down sometimes and just look with your bear eyes. Luckily they were selling DVDs after the show, so I can watch it again and again at home in France.

    It made me thinking, what is the most famous acrobatic show in France? And remember that I already saw the Chaoyang Theatre show, so I need something really good.. or at least almost as good as that. I know it's hard to beat the Chinese, but I'm sure there must be some amazing performances.. circus perhaps, in France. This is just to make me happy before I go to Beijing again!

    Love, Alice Bolduc

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  • Citroën DS, la voiture la plus cool du monde..

    Citroën DS, la voiture la plus cool du monde!

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  • Le personnel a restauré mon blog, merci!

    I am happy to get back to writing. For some reason my account was blocked but everything should be OK again.

    I recently found something very nostalgic!

    Mon premier dictionnaire français-anglais:

    Mon premier dictionnaire français-anglais

    When I was a child I studied English with this book. Looking back at it.. I think I didn't learn much from it! :)

    ~ Alice Bolduc

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  • I've realized that to fully incorporate with the life here, one needs to speak Chinese. Luckily with my English skills I am able to make expat friends who speak both English and Chinese.. so I am able to to use them as translators. And that way I've had the best times here.

    Going out to eat for example, is like a ritual. Lots of beer, you throw away all the food scraps and beers under the table.. let go and have fun. Full power!

    I've eaten the strangest things.. from scorpions to star fishes. And Chinese are not shy at all, if you cant speak the language another possibility is hands. I've had a whole conversation with sign language.. I mean.. just by waving hands and using paper/pen as an aid.

    And greetings to mum, I don't want to come back! :)

    Nihao! ~

    Alice Bolduc

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  • I'm happy to announce that my English is getting so good that I am having confidence to travel far from home.. to China and Beijing! Basically I just selected the destiny that was the furthest from France.. just so that I could trust my confidence in speaking the language.

    Of course in China they speak Chinese.. however even there I've heard they speak quite a lot of English. At least in like touristic places, as I am not going to go to any wilder places or scary streets or anything like that. So why not Beijing. Actually there is one place that I really want to go to and that is to see famous Beijing Theater acts!

    As we all know, you have different kinds of way to study a language. You can read it, listen to it and talk it. For me, the listening bit is what I have probably trained the most because I love Asian films. Especially those of Kung Fu or any martial arts. Then I found out that they have Kung Fu shows in China. Well of course! After watching all the important films there are only important shows left in that list.

    Red Theatre should be one of the best places to see this kind of stuff. However I don't know how much of a listening practice that would be like the movies! :)

    Anyway.. I am very much looking forward. I will let you know how it went eventually. Some day..

    Merci beaucoup, ~

    Alice Bolduc

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  • What motivated me at first to start really learning a language and enjoying the learning process was the Michel Thomas foundation. The first concept that totally astounded me was that "memorizing is the responsibility of the teacher".

    That's about the most outrageous thing a teacher has ever said about language learning. And I love it!

    Let me get into a bit more detail.. of what memorizing it! In fact, we are so obsessed with memorizing that we forget to stop for a moment to think about what it is, and how to do it. Understanding the functions of memorizing is perhaps the most essential thing there is to language learning. Yet we have totally forgotten about it!!

    Memorizing could be called understanding. When you understand something there is a moment of realization. This moment input things to your head so that you can use them at a later time. Simply putting stuff into your head without any natural process of processing that information, the task will be rather difficult in comparison.

    So when a teacher is teaching something, that person is leading pupils to that moment of realization. If the teacher is unable to explain something in a way that the student doesn't understand he is not explaining it well enough.

    Anything can be explain in a simple, effective way that leads to the pupil thinking it out for themselves and feeling rewarded for learning something. If something is explained in a difficult way, most likely the teacher doesn't understand it himself.

    That's how language teaching has become increasingly twisted. Now we must correct it!

    Salutations, ~

    Alice Bolduc

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